People First:
Your story first. The numbers second.

We’re a company that was always meant to be different. We’ve worked the long hours and the high pressure but something didn’t feel right. The priorities were wrong, and we wanted to fix it… In the work/life equation, we wanted to put life first.

We wanted to create a place that felt like home for our staff and clients, and most importantly we wanted to provide a service that focused on people not numbers.
That was the vision 13 years ago and it still beats true today. We’re growing a team who are driven by values, we’re building a client base motivated by the same things as us, and we’re only just getting started. We believe that wealth is more than just money and we’ve developed our company around that perspective. We provide every client with balanced advice, and if we wouldn’t do something ourselves, we won’t let our clients do it either. Everybody deserves quality service and expertise and at Key Choice, we’re committed to delivering it.
Our Team